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RON STEINMAN began his career at age 23 at NBC News and spent 35 years at the network. He moved from copyboy to producing segments and writing for the Huntley Brinkley Report, first in Washington and then in New York in the 1960s. And then on to news editor/field producer for the newsmagazine show Chet Huntley Reports. For 3 years he produced documentaries and worked on specials, including space coverage, before being named NBC’s Bureau Chief in Saigon during the Vietnam War. He also served as Bureau Chief in Hong Kong and London before returning to New York headquarters to oversee the network’s live news specials.

In 1975 he joined the Today Show, spending 11 years in a number of senior producing positions in Washington and New York, including overseeing production of all the Today Show’s live special weeklong broadcasts from such places as China, Moscow, Seoul and overseas presidential trips. Before leaving NBC in 1992, he spent three years at Sunday Today producing 70 segment reports. During 7 years as a freelance producer for ABC News Productions, among other things, he wrote and produced a series of A&E Biography one-hour documentaries on O.J. Simpson, Malcolm X, Colin Powell, Timothy McVeigh, LBJ, Frank Sinatra, Nelson Rockefeller, Armand Hammer, James Earl Ray, Jim Jones, and the Lifetime Television Intimate Portraits on Gloria Vanderbilt and Doris Duke. At ABC, he also produced “Sole Survivor” for the Discovery Channel, and the “Berlin Wall” for the History Channel. Ron produced 3 of the highly rated 6-part series for The Learning Channel on the Vietnam War called The Soldiers’ Story, and the follow up “Missing in Action”, which won a National Headliner Award and an International Documentary Festival Award. At ABC, he also produced a two part series for TLC on the Persian Gulf War.

He is the author of the book “The Soldiers’ Story” published by Fall River Press and also available as an ebook. A new “The Soldiers’ Story; An Illustrated Edition” is published by Wellfleet Press. He is also the author of “Women in Vietnam” now available as a Barnes and Noble NOOK Book online. His memoir “A Saigon Journal: Inside Television’s First War:" is published in both print and ebook on all platforms by KCM Publishing.

Steinman has won a Peabody Award, a National Press Club award, an award from the International Documentary Association, two American Women in Radio & Television Awards, and been nominated for five Emmys.

He has also been executive editor and columnist for the online magazines the Digital Journalist and the Digital Filmmaker.