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Second Edition
Published by Dancing Magic Heart Books
A Division of Douglas/Steinman Productions

When Rachel is four years old, her daddy dies, and Rachel’s life changes forever. She and her mommy move from their house in Kentucky with its big yard, swing set and two dogs to an apartment high above the busy streets of New York City.

At first, Rachel feels so sad it’s as if her heart is upside down. But after a while, she meets neighbors and new school friends and has Sabrina the Cat for her very own.

This is the true story of how Rachel rediscovers happiness---while keeping the memory of her father alive in her heart.

“RACHEL AND THE UPSIDE DOWN HEART” is a true story. Written after the death of Eileen Douglas’ husband, the book was first published by Price Stern Sloan in 1990. At the time a rare publication dealing with a child’s grief at the death of a parent, the book is today listed on many recommended reading lists. Earl Grollman, author of “Talking about Death: A Dialogue Between Parent and Child,” calls “Rachel and the Upside Down Heart,” in his words, “a great gift: a magnificent true compelling story that will open the hearts and minds of children to truly understand the profound words of ‘Love is stronger than death.’ ”

And the Reverend Norman Vincent Peale says “Readers of all ages learn that the death of a loved one can, with time and faith, be accepted. A parable that touches every heart.”


"The book is an uplifting, heartwarming story of recovery and joy." - PARENTGUIDE

"Tender well crafted story about grief and growth" -Children's Literature Journal

"For many years this book has been a staple in my work with grieving children and families. With a simple metaphor, Eileen Douglas universalizes the experience of feeling your world (and heart) turned upside down." -Sallie Sanborn, Child Development/Child Life Support private practice NYC

To bring the second edition to the public, Eileen Douglas created Dancing Magic Heart Books, a division of Douglas/Steinman Productions. In the future, Dancing Magic Heart Books will produce an animated version of “Rachel and the Upside Down Heart.”