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The Soldiers' Story: An Illustrated Edition: Vietnam in Their Own VoicesThe Soldiers' Story: An Illustrated Edition: Vietnam in Their Own Words

Veteran journalist Ron Steinman gathers candid reminiscences from seventy-six men (including Senator John McCain) who lived through the brutalities of combat in the Vietnam War. A Soldiers' Story provides a vivid and gripping oral history of the fear, fellowship, trauma and triumph of these Marine, Army, Air Force, and Navy veterans. Complete with maps and battlefield photographs, these indispensable first-hand accounts provide a unique front-line record of Vietnam - from its surreal horrors, to the comradeship and courage forged in battle.

From the jungles of Southeast Asia to life back in the United States as veterans of an unpopular war, A Soldiers' Story also includes complete and updated biographies of the brave men who are profiled. This is a book that goes beyond the military and political implications of Vietnam, to the truth of what the war cost - and who actually paid the price.

This book is a hard cover. It is available in bookstores beginning August 2015 or through Amazon and all other online platforms.


The Soldiers' StoryThe Soldiers’ Story: Vietnam in Their Own Words

The Soldiers' Story: Vietnam in Their Own Words is an oral history of the Vietnam War, a companion to a television series with the same name and on which author Ron Steinman worked as a producer. In the book, Steinman gathers the candid recollections of 77 men who survived combat in Vietnam. Not a military analysis or political study, this oral history vividly conveys the hardships, friendships, fears, and personal triumphs of Marine, Army, Air Force and Navy veterans, whose memories linger to this day. It is a valuable frontline record of battle-torn Vietnam from the perspective of those who lived it firsthand, giving us a window into the horror, intensity, and raw courage that the war engendered. These eyewitnesses open their hearts and souls to us, sharing feelings many had kept to themselves for thirty years. The Soldiers’ Story lets us share in the life-altering experiences of these articulate veterans.

The Soldiers’ Story is available in Barnes & Noble stores and online at

Women in VietnamWomen in Vietnam:
The Oral History

Women in Vietnam: The Oral History collects the testimonies of sixteen remarkable women who served as nurses, Women’s Army Corps, in the Red Cross, intelligence analysts, or performers to help the troops escape the horrors of the Vietnam War. The book provides an unflinching account of a crucial and long-ignored part of the war. In powerful firsthand accounts, we read of women’s experiences on the front lines, on the bases, and in the cities, towns, and villages. Whether working in the heart of triage or helping to dispense good cheer and raise morale, all of these women served with honor, without complaint, and with distinction. Women in Vietnam is not only a unique historical document, but a powerful record of extraordinary accomplishment.


Women in Vietnam is available as a NOOK book (ebook) from Barnes & Noble.

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"Astonishingly sad, yet Heroic. This book is not just a " Story", but is a series of interviews from women (now) who were young Girls (then). The pain, horror, and yes, anger, that these women feel now is evident in each one's story. None of them HAD to go to war--They were all volunteers. They went for their " Brothers" who needed them. How selfless! These women, today, continue to suffer from the aftermath of their selfless duty, yet the American Public STILL does not even recognize them as those who saved lives and sanity of the boys who served. Mr. Steinman did a remarkable job."

A MUST read for all interested in stories of Women in Nam. This is indeed an Oral History told by the women who volunteered their time to go to Viet Nam. Most were not "women" at the time, but just young girls. Their stories were just recently told, and they seem to share a common thread in their telling: The desire to HELP their Country and the young soldiers in America's longest war. Mr. Steinman's Introduction is masterfully done.

A Saigon JournalA Saigon Journal: Inside Television's First War

A Saigon Journal, Inside Television's First War, recounts Ron Steinman's tenure as bureau chief for NBC News in Saigon. It is an intimate and deeply personal recounting of many of the Vietnam War's most difficult and harrowing days. These include the huge American buildup of troops, the famous hill battles in the Central Highlands, heavy fighting along the DMZ, the siege of Khe Sanh, riots against the government in the streets, Buddhist monks burning themselves to death in protest of the government and the Tet Offensive, the centerpiece of the book, when Hanoi attempted to take over South Vietnam but failed. The book also recounts the personal story of Steinman's romance with Josephine Tu Ngoc Suong, his future wife, and her near fatal accidental shooting. During this period television news learned to cover the war with correspondents and camera crews working alongside the troops, giving people at home an intimate view of what war was really like. Dubbed the living room war, people at home watched it unfold on TV over dinner and in their living rooms, something, until then that had not been possible.

This book is available as an ebook on all online platforms such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or as print on demand from Amazon. Or through KCM Publishing.